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    European Furnace Group is a collection of companies focused on providing affordable, efficent and innovative solutions for the European heat treatment industry.

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  • Vacuum System

    Manufacturer of specialised heat treatment controls.

    Super Systems UK Ltd has become the UK market leader by integrating highly sophisticated SSi control systems with simple to use interfaces, offering short training times, fewer process errors and full engagement by management process stakeholders. We offer full test and repair services using our comprehensive test facilities and back up our installations with a free lifetime telephone helpdesk.

  • Quality Nickel Fabrications

    Nickel Chrome high temperature alloy fabrications for the heat treatment industry.

    Furnace Fabrications Ltd has facilities to manufacture any nickel chrome fabrication for any make of furnace or ancillary plant. Furnace Fabrications also has a partnership with a major foundry to supply cast baskets and fixtures, offering a high quality, low cost alternative to UK customers.

  • Vacuum System

    Comprehensive service and spares for Ipsen and all other makes of industrial furnace.

    Vacuum and atmosphere Ltd offers a complete maintenance service to the European heat treatment market. It works in partnership with its customers to reduce the running costs and increase the efficiency of Ipsen atmosphere and vacuum furnaces all over the world. This expertise is now available for furnaces of all makes, and spares are now manufactured in VAS Ltd's 15000 sq ft factory in West Bromwich.

  • Vacuum System

    Heat treatment consultancy services for the European heat treatment industry.

    Nordic Metallurgy offers a wide range of new and used furnace plant to the European market. Based in Sweden, Nordic can also offer a comprehensive range of consultancy service to the European furnace industry, drawing on over 20 years of experience in high quality heat treatment environments.

  • Vacuum System

    UK distributor of Condursal and Conduron stop off compounds, and Burgdorf quenchants.

    TPM offers Europe's highest quality stop off compounds, as used by a reference list of the top names of German industry. Our free technical support for stop off compounds and quenchants is second to none.


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